Friday, August 24

all righty. so this is my very first post, and i really don't know why i'm doing this exactly, but for those of you who are interested to know what's up with this life... here you go.

okiedokie, today was annoyingly boring, to say the least. it wasn't really bad, but it was... not good. with all those tests and with the pressure of finding out how we would score , the day was kinda tough. it was rainy , but it only made my runny/clogged nose worse. ugh. i'm kinda under the weather today. plus, i didn't get to eat much, went home to find the house empty, turned on the computer to find out that there was no one online AND there was NOTHING good to watch on tv. how boring is that?!?!

the tests were kinda sucky and tricky. yikes. and what's worse, i got some sad/bad news from a friend. sheesh. ugh. siiggghhh... i want a cheeseburger!!! *my precious cheeseburgers, my precious cheeseburgers*... geez. i'm getting crazy.